Print Options

Thank you for your interest in my fine art infrared photography. I’m pleased to offer physical specimens in two beautiful mediums to serve varied aesthetics and desires. The descriptions below are intended to help you decide which medium best suits your needs.

Lumachrome TruLife® Deluxe Acrylic Prints
Also known as “face mounts”, these are truly spectacular art objects and the finest quality prints offered anywhere.

Using a proprietary process, your image is printed onto a transparency and laid over a white resin-coated paper. The layers are then face-mounted to extremely high quality, optically clear TruLife® acrylic that is anti-reflective and 99% UV blocking. Suspended between these layers, the image appears subtly backlit, with superior luminosity and incredible detail. Under proper lighting, it can achieve an almost holographic effect.

A Lumachrome acrylic print
A Lumachrome acrylic print of 'Cherry Twist'

Your Lumachrome artwork arrives ready-to-hang. The work has a frameless appearance and seems to “float” away from the wall via the attached inset frame. If you prefer a traditional look, we can omit the rear float, making the artwork ready for your framer. Please contact me before placing your order if you would like this option.

Correct lighting enhances the dazzling effects and reduces glare for maximum beauty. You can find a short guide to art lighting and some specific recommendations here.

Lumachrome Prints are handcrafted to order and ship in 3-4 weeks. Domestic shipping is free; please contact me for a non-US shipping quote.

Traditional Fine Art Prints

For purists, I offer beautiful prints on heavyweight fiber-based papers from Hahnemühle. These lovely papers feature a lightly textured matte or subtle pearl finish as befits each individual image. Highest quality pigment-based inks produce brilliant, lush tones and deep, velvety blacks. These prints have a substantial, rich feel. Archival-grade materials result in artwork that will last for generations.

A traditional paper print
A traditional paper print of 'California Buckeye'

Your artwork will arrive ready to take to your local framer, or we can ship directly to their shop – a convenient and safe option. (Either way, I strongly recommend you let the framer do the unwrapping. It can be difficult to re-package the print without accidental damage.)

Traditional prints are made to order and ship within 7-10 business days. Domestic shipping is free; please contact me for a non-US shipping quote.

Custom Sizes & Special Requests

I specialize in large-format printing and enjoy working directly with clients on unique aesthetic opportunities. Please contact me directly to discuss your ideas. White glove delivery is available upon request for oversized pieces.

Rain inspects a custom large-format print from atop a ladder.
Rain inspects a custom large-format print of "Dahlia Study"