Minor Fauna

Photographers often exclude animals from our landscape images. Sure enough, they're often hiding or conveniently elsewhere during the times humans are roaming around their territories. But frequently they are present when we are, only too small to notice except as blurry specks in the sky that require retouching later on.

As pollinators and dispersers, these mostly unnoticed insects, birds, reptiles and mammals have an outsized influence on the selection and arrangement of flora in our environment. They are responsible for the overwhelming desert super blooms, they give us nearly every beloved “lone tree” whose acorn would never have landed there but for having been a meal at some point, and then left behind.

The Minor Fauna series is created in recognition of the little critters that are as intrinsic to the landscape as rocks and vegetation. Apart from their functions, they are beautiful and charismatic in their own right. They have my deepest appreciation.