New Podcast Episode! The Photo Seen – S3, E4

April 19, 2023  |  The Universe

The fantastic Kat Shanahan invited me back for a new episode in Season Three of her dedicated infrared photography podcast, The Photo Seen. We got together a couple weeks ago for the recording, which was a bit unscripted and a whole lot of fun.

Kat is the real deal: A talented and original artist in multiple mediums, and one of the true movers among the infrared community. Through her podcast and now a hosted monthly forum, she’s connected so many of us IR creators, and introduced tons of new folks to IR photography. I’m so grateful for the platform she’s provided, and to be part of the wonderful community she’s done so much to support.

Join me and Kat for our silly-but-serious chat about creativity and the wide open future of IR photography right here, or through the podcast provider of your choice.

While you’re there, catch up on our Season One episode, plus three full seasons of truly wonderful IR photographers.

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