Online Infrared Photography Course

June 12, 2023  |  Worldwide

I’m delighted to offer an online Infrared Photography course through Making this class was so much fun. The KelbyOne crew really know what they're doing, and I loved working with them to bring this class to you.

Explore the Hidden World of Infrared Photography with Rain Hayes

Two multi-colored palm trees, one large and one small, look like a like a handful of lollipops standing out from the background of the palm forest.

The class provides everything you need to get started making beautiful infrared images, with options for every budget and skill level.Through a series of short and engaging lessons, I demonstrate how to capture and process both black-and-white and classic false color infrared images.If you are thinking about trying infrared photography, you probably have some questions. I answer these popular queries– and dozens more– in my class.

  • What is infrared photography, and how does it work?
  • How do I get that glowing white foliage?
  • How do I make pink trees?
  • Can I make infrared portraits of people?
  • What is the absolute minimum equipment required for IR photography?
  • If I can only afford one filter, which one should I get?
  • Can I just use Lightroom and not Photoshop?

This is a one-stop ‘Getting Started with IR’ guide for any experienced or aspiring photographer. That said, there is no single, cookie-cutter path to achieving the infrared images of your dreams. Throughout the course, I emphasize the importance of individuality, and recommend thought exercises and practices to help you discover your own vision and conjure it into reality.

Join me for a fun on-location shoot and some dedicated studio time in Explore the Hidden World of Infrared Photography with Rain Hayes on

A group of pink palm trees dance in the wind. The dry prairie stretches far into the distance, meeting the expansive blue sky and a few misty clouds.
How *do* you make pink trees? Tune in to find out!